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This story - which may actually be a thinly disguised re-write of an article from elsewhere, opens the door to a much wider debate - and many more sources of information of varying degrees of reliability
and credibility. But there is an overall thrust......

In January, Blackberry announced that it was implementing a "porn filter" for browsers in its phones. That pleased some. Others took a different course...

The news that Sky is to buy iPhone photo-app maker GhostBird is not, of itself, very interesting.

But in the context of an article we spotted then lost (sorry) it has some importance....

The story is not actually about the menu that associated Australia's PM Julia Gillard with a quail - small breasts, big thighs and something rather ruder - but ...

A widely covered story tells how Google has identified extensive attacks on accounts of gmail users in Iran. They think it's state sponsored, ahead of elections..

It might seem like a weird thing to do, but using apple vinegar swabs in the vagina (actually the cervix) gives an experienced nurse an instant indicator of both existing and pre-cursor cells for cervical cancer. It's quick, very cheap - and more reliable than a pap smear. Read on:

Australian website, Daily Life, part of Fairfax Media is a bit of a trash rag most of the time. But this article, albeit pretty shallow and opinionated to say nothing of being, mostly,

It's a startling figure. Nigeria's population is approx 165 million (give or take a sizeable problem in reporting) which is about half the population of the USA.

Yet mortality of children in the first day after birth is 89,700 in Nigeria.

But this number has to be put into perspective: it's 14 / 1000 live births. The USA - which has the world's second highest premature birth rate - doesn't fare much better.


Rob Walker is the Apple fan boy to end Apple fan boys. He's Apple to the core. For almost a quarter of a decade, he's bought - bought not been given - everything from computers through music players to tablets and phones.

Following allegations from the opposition that the ruling party in Malaysia had paid for as many as 40,000 voters to be flown from the Island of Borneo to their home towns in Peninsula Malaysia for the purpose of voting in national elections on Sunday - an allegation that the ruling party denies, the Election Commission has moved quickly to explain the legal position.

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